"We have been on the struggle bus since last Wednesday with a virus/colds. It started with one child then moved to the rest, then to me. Today is the first day I have felt 100% but i had a feeling 2 of the kids might have an ear infection. I am so thankful for Branch Out Pediatrics, who came to our home this afternoon to check them out.
I didn’t have to subject my babies to anything worse that’s going around right now. She examined, treated, and prayed with our family before leaving, they both do in fact have ear infections. So glad i followed my mommy instincts. What a blessing she was, thank you again!"

Katie S.

"Y'all, I just have to brag on Tiffany and Branch Out Pediatrics, who saved us from 1) waiting in flu-laden waiting rooms and 2) going out in the snow this week by coming to my house to see my sick toddler. 
Tiffany checked out my son thoroughly from the comfort of my living room on Monday, wrote him a prescription, and since then has checked in with me every day this week to see how he's doing and troubleshoot his symptom. She is wonderful! 
The cost of a one-time visit was comparable to my urgent care co-pay and was so so much more convenient."

Lindsay H. 

"Tiffany is wonderful! She has definitely come to our rescue a few times!" 

Christine F. 

"Tiffany came to our house tonight in Indian Land, she is wonderful!"

Leslie P. 

"My 2.5 Y/o twins have been sick off and on for over two weeks now. It’s so hard to take them both to the doctor and I’m sue some of you have the same trouble. I have to recommend tiffany with Branch Out Pediatrics! This is the second time she’s come to us and it’s amazing! She came to us, took temps, checked ears, stats, etc! Everything they do at the office but in the comfort of your home. I was able to distract them with snacks and their own toys. No risk of catching extra germs at the office. She called in their prescriptions for us and will call to follow-up. I feel relaxed instead of stressed and overwhelmed like I do at the office. So with this germy season, I would recommend keeping her in mind, I know she will be my first call!"

Madeline H.

"I just had the best experience with Tiffany!! My son woke up this morning with a fever and a headache. I was dreading taking him to the doctor with all of the sickness that is going around. After being referred by a friend, I messaged Tiffany and within 10 minutes she called me to set up a time that was good for us!! JH was so glad that he did not have to get out of his pj’s and get in the car."

Becca H.

"Tiffany is very professional and very compassionate. She came over for a visit for my son Lucas and even let my daughter Brinkley help with his checkup. We LOVE her and can’t say enough good things about how wonderful our experience was with her. Thank you!"

Amber B. 

"Tiffany is AWESOME!!
She has seen both my 4 year old and 17 month old! Saving us a trip to urgent care a few times and not having to expose my babes to other germs in the doctors office!
Highly recommend Tiffany!"

Meghan L.