The Ultimate in HEALTHCARE Convenience

We are Mobile, which means that we will meet you where you are! No need to wait in a germ-filled waiting room. We can come to your house, office, neighborhood clubhouse or even your hotel room.


Easy to understand pricing. No hidden charges or fees. No surprise bills. EVER. You pay the provider directly at the time of visit and you get excellent service at your door. It's honestly that simple.

We Value YOUR Time

We understand that your time is valuable and you have things to do. Members are guaranteed same day sick visits. With your permission, we provide the option of having a relative, caregiver, friend or Nanny be present during the visit if you are unable to be there in person.

DIRECT Provider Access

All members will have direct access to Tiffany L. Menist, ARNP, CPNP. You will be able to e-mail, call, text or even send a picture to her! Also, when you call, you will speak directly to HER, not a receptionist, medical assistant, RN, etc. Being a single provider practice, we are able to better understand your family's needs and develop a closer relationship.

Quality Over Quantity

Since we do not accept traditional insurance, we are free to focus on Quality of care over Quantity of patients. The Membership model limits the total amount of patients that will be accepted per year, but allows the provider to focus on your child(ren)s specific needs and to spend extra time if necessary. There are NO time limits or feeling of being rushed out the door before all of your questions or concerns can be addressed.

Medication Samples

Medication samples while supplies last! We provide our members with samples of some of the most common over the counter and prescription medications when available. That way, you can get started on treating your child without having to wait until you get to the pharmacy.


We believe in the power of prayer and believe that God is the ultimate Healer! It would be our honor and privilege to pray with you either by phone or in person. Prayer is offered at every visit.


Investing in our community is important. We are committed to giving 10% of all Annual Membership Fees to a LOCAL Children’s charity. This will likely change every 3-4 months to give a variety of different organizations the opportunity to partner with us. This is a great alternative to giving your hard earned money to an insurance company when your deductible is sky high! We welcome any suggestions you may have of organizations in need!


We value your privacy. When you visit a healthcare facility that is owned by a larger healthcare organization, at any given time, thousands of employees have access to your medical chart electronically. There is no way of knowing who is browsing your personal information. Even in smaller practices who use a free EMR system, your personal information is available for them to sell. This is why we have chosen to revert back to old-fashioned paper charting. You can rest assured that your child’s information is in one spot and that only Tiffany will be looking at it. Not even Insurance companies will have the right to any information, which makes our visits 100% confidential.